Payment and Delivery

Delivery Information
[Paypal] : 
Please  Email: if you  use  Paypal to make any purchases.  We will no longer offer the above methods for any instant online code, but keep them with email purchase.
Here is the list of country code:
[Payment methods delivery]
Payment made with other methods other than paypal, your order will be automatically approved and we will deliver  your purchase within maximum 24 hours after receipt of purchase.*Please have a valid email address*
Instant Online Codes are only available for the product with title - Instant Delivery, some product orders need to be confirmed before we email you the code. Verified customers always have all the instant codes for the available products.
Payment Information 
Paymentwall Payment
Paymentwall - online payments
Paymentwall contains several payment portals such as Ukash, paysafecard, webmoney, ... etc. it covers all payments from all over the world.  Due to different payment methods, it has payment fee. ( handling fee)